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Executive Education

Executive Education - No 2018 courses.

Otago University Business School in conjunction with QRC Better Business bring you the Executive Education programme.

Executive Education is designed for Senior Management Personnel who wish to extend their strategic thinking and explore new frontiers in leadership and management strategies. 

Finance For Non-Financial Managers 

This course will guide participants through key concepts of corporate finance and accounting, enabling them to better understand the financial position of their company and make more informed management decisions to improve firm performance.

Participants from Human Resources, Marketing or General Management will complete the course with the ability to understand and make better decisions based on financial information.

Enhancing Leadership

We begin this course by exploring the nature of leadership and the leadership process in business and non-business organisations. A fundamental premise upon which this course is built is that everyone in an organisation has leadership opportunities and for organisations to succeed, leadership must be effective. A second premise underlying this course is that individuals can learn to become more effective leaders; perhaps many aspects of leadership are inherited, many are not and can be developed. In this course we will discuss frameworks for understanding leadership styles and for diagnosing the types of leaders we should be.

Marketing - Creating Value for Customers

This course will guide participants through a series of experiences to help them gain an increased awareness of how effective marketing strategies can improve firm performance. The course will provide a clear understanding of the role, function, and scope of marketing as it exists within the firm and also as it relates to other employees and stake holders. 

It will also introduce the skill, tools and techniques required to function effectively and contribute positively to the long term success of their organisation, as well as facilitate discussion of the issues and a sharing of ideas among the group. Participants will also discuss the process and issues involved in developing and implementing a marketing plan. 

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