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We take frontline professionals on a journey to improve individual and business performance through effective communication.

Small changes in interpersonal communication, selling, influencing, and presentation skills can make big differences to your overall business performance.

Module 1: Sharpen the Service Experience

This module encourages frontline professionals to consider the impact they have on team members and customers, how to influence people positively and create memorable experiences.

Aspects covered in this module are as follows:

  • Using interpersonal communication to influence great service experiences
  • Understanding individual communication preferences
  • Building rapport and influencing people
  • Understand how interpersonal communication influences great service experiences

Module 2: Maximising Opportunities and Upselling and Complaint Management

This module encourages frontline professionals to make the most of challenging and often difficult situations and approach them with confidence and professionalism. The opportunities to increase sales and opportunities through connection and persuasion will also be explored.

Aspects covered in this module are as follows:

  • Explore personal tools for managing difficult people and complaints
  • Turning negatives into opportunities – choosing effective words
  • Ensuring people feel valued and respected – even if they are not right!
  • Identify the most effective and useful opportunities to close and to upsell.

Module 3: Cultural Intelligence for Frontline Professionals

This module will create a platform of understanding and awareness and social intelligence of our important emerging markets, in particular Indian & China. You will examine these markets to understand customs, value systems and learn how to appreciate cultural diversity.

Aspects covered in this module are as follows:

  • Develop awareness of norms, values and behaviours of cultures important to your business
  • Removing any cultural prejudices and communication barriers through appreciating the diversity of our visitor markets
  • You will develop awareness of norms, values and behaviours of international visitors and fellow employees
  • Develop your cultural and social intelligence skills relative to our most important markets – Australia, China, India, UK, Europe, USA

“Take the Trifecta” – all 3 modules or progress one module at a time at your own pace


Queenstown - QRC House, 7 Coronation Drive, Queenstown


Morning workshops - Fridays, 9am – 12.30pm (mid-morning refreshments included)


$150+GST per person

2014 Dates

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