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We would like to take you on a journey

Are you searching for competitively-priced training designed specifically for your business or staff needs?

You may have a particular course in mind or want to develop your idea. QRC Better Business delivers "Tailored Training" that perfectly meets your business objectives. We work closely with our business customers to ensure we match ‘your want’ with our delivery.

Welcome to the à la carte menu: We look forward to seeing you!

Team Leadership

  • Strengthen Your Bench - Building a Better Team
  • Toolkit for team leaders or new Managers

Training the Trainer

  • Learning and Development Essentials – in-house Trainers
  • Presentation Skills in Business/Public Speaking
  • Facilitation Skills for Managers
  • Coaching for Performance

Presentation Skills

  • Public speaking and presenting as a Business Manager

Team Facilitation

You have a need; you want a Professional Facilitator to help you/your team through the journey.

To discuss options with one of our experienced Better Business Team please contact us.

It may be that you need:

  • Effective Communication for Management Teams
  • Strategic Planning or
  • Building a Connected Team

We can create and deliver the results you are looking to achieve within your business unit.



Queenstown - QRC House, 7 Coronation Drive, Queenstown

Catering - am or pm refreshments part of your workshop