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Our next Take 5 for Business starts in August 2015

Join us on a series of 5 morning modules specifically aimed at growing managerial and leadership capability within your business. Proudly supported by WESTPAC and delivered by QRC, the course will create opportunities for independent thinking and application of leadership knowledge to achieve greater business outcomes.

Take 5 for Business

The programme has been developed to include a course option for anyone managing their own business within any business sector including the trades sector. Welcome to Take 5 for Business (formerly called Tradies Take 5). The structure is similar with small change-outs to the modules. Take 5 for Business incorporates modules that focus on Computing & Technology and Contracts & Legislation.   See more


In 2015 we are offering a new 2 day version - Take 5 Compact - which is a high paced condensed version of all modules. This has been specifically designed for people not living in the Queenstown area such as Wanaka, Milford, Cromwell or Invercargill. The first course will be run in May. Click below to enroll in this course.



Module 1: Business Communications

Module 1

Participants will be challenged to consider how they make effective business communication choices, use best practice protocols and technology for reporting and presentations. Learn more »

Communication protocols will be addressed including a ‘Take 5’ approach to communication in the business of who, what, when, how and why.

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of business communication tools and processes including face to face, formal organisation reports, email, text, facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, instant messaging.

The key to developing effective communication between generations is recognising the preference of others.

Participants will explore contemporary multimedia tools and software for reporting, communicating, business presentations, tips and tricks to engage the ‘receiver’, and identify technology platforms that will best suit their business communication needs.

Module 2: Leading Teams

Module 2

A business will never out-perform the people in it. Leaders require critical skills to create a great culture, to lead, and to grow high performing teams. Learn more »

Leadership Communication and Culture

You will consider how effective the commuication of vision and values are key to a strong organisational culture.

Motivation and Leading for Performance

You will explore motivation models and how it applies to understanding the people you lead.

Understanding trigger points and motivators for different work styles will aim at assisting you in developing highly productive teams.

Leadership Style

Business Simulation Model examples will be used to challenge participants to identify a choice of leadership style for managing different situations and personal motivators.

Managing Challenging Behavior

All leaders will experience conflict or challenging people – it’s how we deal with it in leadership that matters. Participants will be introduced to a toolbox for leading with generational intelligence.

Managing Mistakes and Growing Productivity

Examine the importance of maintaining a leadership checklist in the three key performance coaching areas of training, resources and work discipline.

Module 3: Measure What Matters

Module 3

Participants will be challenged through a simulated business model to further understand the process of making sound business decisions. Learn more »

You will examine the importance of good information through relevant KPI’s and dashboards. Using this information you will identify different trigger points in your business and provide a framework for daily decision making.

You will explore interpretation of financial tools and what this information is telling you.

Participants will examine how responsible business decisions are made through managing what is measured

You will develop an appreciation of relevant financial tools and language, and how to construct business reports including non-financial measurements.

Understand what your sales data and KPI’s are telling you – avoid using inaccurate or poor information, in the management and leadership of your team.

Module 4: Sales & Marketing Masterclass

Guest speakers and facilitatorsguide participants on a journey through brand marketing and sales focus within a business and the key importance of each role and function. Learn more »

The conceptual differences between Sales & Marketing will be explored during this module. The key driver of BRAND will access knowledge from prior modules and will address positioning, market, reach and ultimately business performance.

The ultimate goal - growing sales and keeping your brand strong.


Discover the importance of the company culture in brand and positioning and the protection of Brand Values. Understand what motivates your customers and staff to align with your brand.


Implementing simple marketing plans, understanding motivators and adding value for customers.


Identifying sales distribution channels, targeting segments & channels and using contemporary technology to expand distribution channels.



Module 5: Cultural Intelligence

Leading a business team across demographic and geographic  boundaries. appreciating cultural diversity, customs, values and beliefs is a daily leadership challenge Learn more »

Participants will examine cultural intelligence processes throughout their business services, products and staff in order to create a compelling point of difference in the marketplace.

Participants will measure their own culture against others across a range of behaviors, and explore how to use this information to more effectively lead and manage multi-cultural work teams.

Develop a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s growing visitor markets from India, China, Malaysia, Korea and Japan as well as the ever important market intelligence about Australia, UK, USA and Europe.

You will examine cultural intelligence around these markets, understand customs, value systems and appreciate challenging behaviours in relation to developing a platform from which to deliver exceptional service and a "perfect day" for these market segments.



Queenstown - QRC House, 7 Coronation Drive, Queenstown


The Take 5 series will be delivered over 5 weekly 0730-1030 morning sessions in Queenstown.

Compact Take 5 is delivered over 2 days in Queenstown 8.30am to 5pm so is ideal for people who would need to travel to attend.

Click the following link to download further information Take 5 Better Business Brochure


Take 5 Classic and Take 5 for Business:   $899 (+ GST) per person (minimum numbers apply)

Programme fee covers 5 modules, Facilitators, Guest Speakers, Resources and Breakfast.

Compact Take 5:   $899 (+ GST) per person.

Programme fee covers Facilitators, Guest Speakers, Resources, all Catering and Refreshments.

Take 5 is registered with the NZTE Accelerate Success programme, so qualifying businesses may claim up to 50% of the course fee.  Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or click here for more details.

2015 DATES

Take 5:

Tuesday Feb 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and March 3rd.

Thursday September 17th, 24th, October 1st, 8th and 15th.

Take 5 for Business:

Tuesday April 14th, 21th, 29th, May 5th, 12th

Thursday August 6th, 13th, 21st, 27th, Sept 3rd.

Compact Take 5:       

May 7-8th   

September 9-10th