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Connecting With Customers

Connecting with Customers  

These popular courses run quarterly or in-house by request for businesses.

Our next  course is  Spring 2018.  Please email to register your team. In-house/custom courses run regularly for businesses, contact us if customer experience is front and centre on your radar!    

Our one day course takes front-line and operational stars on a journey to improve individual and business performance and reinforce highly effective communication as a part of this process.

Small changes in interpersonal communication, selling and influencing skills can make big differences to your overall business performance

Connecting with Customers covers the critical elements of customer experience and develops an understanding of how to connect more effectively with any customer. You will cover Communication Styles, Conflict Resolution, and Teamwork.

Course Content

The Customer Experience:

The course explores customer experience and why it is important in today's competitive business environment. Connecting is key. You will be challenged to think about: 

  • What defines a great guest or customer experience and how it impacts engagement?
  • How do you create a 'genuine' experience?
  • Customer experience as a tool to create great competitive advantage


Participants will consider the impact they have on team members and customers, how to influence people positively and create memorable experiences by exploring the following areas

  • Using interpersonal communication to influence great service experiences
  • Understanding individual communication preferences
  • Building rapport and influencing people
  • Understand how interpersonal communication influences great service experiences

Conflict Resolution:

Participants will explore how to make the most of challenging or difficult conversations by approaching them with professionalism and confidence.

  • Identify personal tools for influencing difficult people
  • Turning complaints and challenges into opportunities
  • Discover the power of communicating through suggestion, questioning as well as tell approaches
  • Find out what helps other people feel valued and respected even if they are not correct!


Great effective teamwork is a key part of delivering great customer experiences.

  • Use a communication style model identify barriers to teamwork
  • Create seamless baton change - taking responsibilty and accountability for any customer experience.
  • Understand others roles within a team
  • Explore ways to overcome barriers

Outcomes include

  • A clear understanding of customer expectations
  • Understanding communication style and how it impacts others
  • How to turn conflict and complaints into a positive experience
  • Importance of internal teamwork on the customer experience

Who should attend?

  • Front line/customer facing staff
  • Customer Services
  • Sales specialists
  • Supervisors/Team Leaders


$299 + GST.

Light refreshments provided for morning and afternoon tea.

We have a cafe available on site for any further requirements, and QRC is situated just a couple of minutes stroll from downtown Queenstown.