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Leading For Performance

Leading for Performance

Bespoke in-house courses on request. Please connect with us for an initial discussion about your requirements. Based on this we can deliver a proposal for your consideration.

This leadership programme is tailored for managers, exploring your leadership style through DiSC team profiling. Expand on your coaching and leadership across diverse situations, styles and personalities to further inspire and grow the team you lead.

Course Content


Explore world class teams - who how why and what they do, to break away from status quo

Understanding the impact of your Leadership style

Using DISC understand your style, and how you operate in a work environment in order to increase your self awareness and effectiveness

  • What are the strengths and areas for caution within your type
  • Assess your team type, and what Leadership style might bring out the best in your employees

Situational Leadership

  • Understand different styles of coaching - directive, encouragement, support or delegation.
  • Adapting your style to align with each member of your team and the situation
  • Use the GROW model aligned with DiSC profiling to prepare for coaching conversations with your team.
  • Explore how the Performance Equation can be used as a tool to prevent marginal performance.

Course  Outcomes

  • Effective coaching and leadership tools to grow and continue to motivate your team
  • Understanding more about the motivations of each team member and how to guide them towards high performance 
  • Leadership development -growing you
  • Grow your ability to adapt leadership styles to individual team members and situations

Who should attend?

  • Managers who are looking for another step forward in growing a high performing team
  • Managers who are responsible for diverse and/or remote teams


Individuals: $550 (+GST) per participant which includes all catering, DISC profiling, facilitation and course materials.

In-house groups: $2000+GST per day (for facilitation and course costs) PLUS DiSC profiling and catering.

NZTE Registered course. Eligible participants may be subsidised up to 50% of course costs.