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Leading For Performance

Leading for Performance

Experienced Operational Managers and Leaders bespoke in-house courses running 2017 and 2018. Please email us with your in-house / custom requirements. 

A leadership programme designed for more experienced managers, this course explores your leadership style through DiSC and situational leadership. It aims to expand coaching and leadership across situations, styles and personalities in order to enhance your own performance and that of your staff.

Course Content

What is Leadership?

Explore the differences between Leadership and management

  • Short-term vs Long term focus
  • Understand the importance of a vision

Understand your Leadership style

Using DISC understand your style, and how you operate in a work environment in order to increase your self awareness and effectiveness

  • What are the strengths and areas for caution within your type
  • Assess your team type, and what Leadership style might bring out the best in your employees

Situational Leadership

  • Understand different styles of coaching - directive, encouragement, support or delegation.
  • Adapting your style to align with each member of your team and the situation

Performance Equation

  • Explore how the Performance Equation can be used as a tool to prevent marginal performance.

Course  Outcomes

  • Effective coaching and leadership techniques to develop your team
  • Understanding your team and how to lead them to high performance 
  • Leadership development
  • Ability to adapt your leadership styles to employees and situations

Who should attend?

  • Experienced managers who would like to develop their leadership style and skills
  • Managers who are responsible for diverse teams


$550 (+GST) per participant.  Includes all catering, DISC profiling, facilitation and course materials.

NZTE Registered course. Eligible participants may be subsidised up to 50% of course costs.