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Manager as Coach

Manager as Coach / Train the Trainer

For managers, Head of Departments, Team Leaders, Trainers.

Our next course is Wednesday March 7th 2018


Our one day Train the Trainer/Manager as Coach programme is designed for experienced as well as emerging  Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Head of Departments and Team Leaders. 

This workshop will demonstrate and coach participants on

  • Tools to design effective training models for inductions, on-job coaching and new environments
  • How to create more effective retention/recall strategies for required professional skills. 
  • EQ and it's importance in all interactions with colleagues, managers and any customer of your business.

Course Content

1. Coaching your team / staff

  • Work communication style profiling - assess the diversity within your team and the individual learning preferences of your staff
  • Understand more about reading people and situations to enable decisions on whether to direct, coach, support or delegate.

2. Coaching Models

  • People new to coaching others can tend to throw everything at new staff in the first week. Learn about stepped training, practice and feedback - one step at a time. 
  • Explore and activate use of the GROW coaching model in effective leadership

3. Leadership Communication

  • Explore the difference between words and tone, and the impact you have on those working for you
  • Understand more about modes of language /  communication and it's impact on brain chemistry 
  • See how questioning and feedback strategies need to change for different situations

4. Training Techniques

  • Training/learning in small chunks
  • Activate information for retention
  • Power of positive coaching and feedback - appreciate the important sequence of communicating WHY / HOW / WHAT. 
  • Challenging conversations - using your EQ.

Outcomes include

  • Effective coaching to develop your team
  • Being aware how using EQ can be the greatest contribution you make as a leader/coach/trainer.
  • Becoming that Manager, TL, Trainer or Coach who people want to be around/to work for.

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Team Leaders


    $299 + GST. Course costs include morning and afternoon tea and all workshop materials.

    Lunch options are available in QRC Cafe or town is a 2 minute walk

    Please call QRC on 409 0500 or email  for questions/bookings.

    I learnt so much and cant wait to take these skills back to my team. I will focus on how each team member learns and may retrain some with my new knowledge.