Better Business

Building Great Teams

Conferencing in Queenstown?

QRC Better Business facilitators are highly experienced in facilitating team development / team building workshops to align with your conferencing and business requirements. 

On our facilitated programmes you will work together to connect strongly across business teams, enhance customer engagement tools, further develop leadership and management skills, and to create synergy and inspiration as a team. 

Facilitators use a range of tools and techniques such as DiSC profiling to unlock individual potential, develop strong working relationships and create a platform for high performance as a team. 

We also facilitate across sales, management coaching, leadership development and business planning as required. 

We operate at any venue, or our facility at QRC House is an ideal venue for groups of up to 25-30. We partner with activity based facilitators to ensure a seamless experience from the indoor learning environment to the great outdoors. 

QRC Better Business will work together with your business to meet your conference needs.

Contact us on to discuss how we can help you build your team. 

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