Course: English for Tourism

English for work or study in the tourism and hospitality industry

English for Tourism is an English language course for people who work, or plan to work, in the travel tourism and hospitality industries. Many students follow English for Tourism with the Spirit of Queenstown Orientation and Internship. It also provides excellent hospitality English language preparation for the Diploma of Hospitality Management or the Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management courses.

The English for Tourism course increases confidence in giving quality customer service in all aspects of communication in English, including:

  • Hospitality English focus
  • Conversational fluency in interacting with customers
  • Telephone interaction and enquiries
  • Workplace correspondence
  • Dealing with complaints, taking orders, reception duties
  • Describing, comparing and promoting facilities, attractions and events
  • Job-hunting requirements (CVs, cover letters, interview skills)

"Now I am more confident in speaking with customers. The classmates are friendly and the teachers are professional and always care about the students. Thank you - lots of fun and a good experience," Lan Choy (Malaysia)

"Now I can use a new vocabulary and be more professional," Fernando Saavedra (Chile), working in Food and Beverage at Mercure Resort Queenstown.

Fast Facts

Start Dates: 15th Feb 2009, Mondays and Thursdays onwards
Course Length: 1-12 weeks
Hours: 25 hours per week
Class Size: 6-12 participants
Level: Intermediate +
Minimum 18 years of age

1-4 weeks = $380 per week
5-8 weeks = $350 per week
9-12 weeks = $330 per week
+ $200 enrolment fee
+ $200 accommodation placement fee (if applicable)

How to Apply

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Further Information

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