Graduate Diploma


The ability to put theory into practice in paid employment is one of the highlights of an education at QRC.

For students of the Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, it’s a valuable opportunity to add meaningful first-hand experience to learned degree-level Diploma knowledge.

Apart from looking good on your resume, your internship enables you to test drive your career path, build your practical skills, network directly with industry professionals and create graduate opportunities.

QRC’s Internship Team support students to prepare for internship. The team are well connected to New Zealand’s best tourism and hospitality companies and are able to identify workplace opportunities and create connections for the student.

Internship is completed during Term 4 and a minimum of 200 hours must be completed. Students are supported by the Internship Team throughout this period.

Industry Internship Project

Alongside the 200 hours work experience, students are required to complete an Industry Internship Project.

The Industry Internship Project helps students develop business planning and management skills by taking learned theoretical knowledge and applying it in a New Zealand workplace. Students are required to make a detailed analysis of a tourism and hospitality business project, such as a new product launch or market expansion, and determine its feasibility.

The project incorporates regular consultation with a project supervisor, progress reports, active research, a final report and presentation.