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September 2017

A supreme week for Queenstown Resort College

A supreme week for Queenstown Resort College

In the last week Queenstown Resort College (QRC) have been recognised as an industry leader by both the tourism and education sector, taking home four prestigious awards.

At the ITENZ (Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand) Awards, held at Rydges Queenstown, QRC was awarded Provider of the Year, as well as the Inaugural Supreme Award for the college’s outstanding contribution to advancing the best outcomes for students.

The panel cited QRC’s outstanding graduate outcomes and strong links to industry as key factors to its success.

QRC’s CEO, Charlie Phillips, was also recognised on the night, awarded the ITENZ Leadership Award for his contribution the education industry and the Queenstown community.

These awards come off the back of a big win at the TIA (Tourism Industry Aotearoa) New Zealand Tourism Awards, where QRC took out the Industry Enabler Award for their ‘stand out’ Queenstown Ambassador Programme.

The Ambassador programme, which is being roll-out nationally with the support of MBIE, has significantly, positively impacted on the New Zealand Visitor experience by empowering frontline staff to engage with the visitors in a meaningful way.

“It is fantastic for Queenstown Resort College to be recognised at a national level by both the Tourism and Education Industry, and will help further establish Queenstown as a serious study destination” Charlie Phillips, CEO Queenstown Resort College.

The past year has been one of significant growth for QRC with the opening of the Tai Tokerau Resort College in Paihia, the purchase of a culinary school, now QRC Culinary, and the introduction of a Graduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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Student profile: Anurag Beniwal, Adventure Tourism Management

Student profile: Anurag Beniwal, Adventure Tourism Management

Q and A with Anurag Beniwal, first year Adventure Tourism Management student

Anurag, or Beni as he's known to his kiwi classmates, is embarking on his Adventure Tourism Management internship at one of New Zealand's biggest names in tourism: Shotover Jet. He's spent six months at QRC learning all about the industry and getting face to face with Queenstown's adventure activities as well as making a new group of friends.

Beni tells us about his first six months at QRC.

My classmates: we were 13 students in a class and it made so easy for me to get along with everyone in the first few days only. I bonded with everyone and had so much fun inside and outside classroom. We really were a family making their future together. 

QRCs teaching style: I never thought that mystery shopping and familiarisation visit could be a part of the course. These things not only gave us a good time but made us look for the smaller things that make a company or business great. Attention to details is important and I learnt this from these fun activities.  

My internship at Shotover Jet: I work in Customer Service - Reservations department. The fact that I'm working at world's most exciting jet boat company and some people come to New Zealand just to experience Shotover Jet makes me feel so proud that I can't even express in words. I'm looking forward to work at Shotover Jet for next 9 months as an intern and would love to learn and work in different departments of this business.

My favourite paper: cross-cultural communication because Jenny (tutor) made this so much fun for us to learn and I already love to learn about new cultures. My other two favorite were Business Communication and Service Quality because the knowledge I gained from these subjects is helpful for me and I use this knowledge everyday at work. 

The most useful thing I've learnt: the importance of Service Quality. Almost every business in town is focused on providing the best service possible. If you are just focused to make money you'll not go far. 

Queenstown: Small town. Big heart.

The future: term 5 and 6 will be all about how to start a business and hire the best ones for the team. These are the things I'm here to learn as my ultimate goal is to start my own business.

Something I've learnt about myself: that I'm not just a dreamer but an achiever.

Something new: there's so many things I've tried here for the first time in my life and these are as small as making a meal for myself to as big as jumping out of a plane. My everyday here in Queenstown is new and adventurous.

5 years from now: I see myself as a brand new entrepreneur who is giving people the best experiences of their lives and putting a smile on their faces. Giving them a memory that they can cherish for lifetime.

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Graduate Diploma update with Jacqui McLean

Graduate Diploma update with Jacqui McLean

Exams are nearly complete and with that, our first Graduate Diploma term is done! The Graduate Diploma class has added another positive dimension to the student body that has been overwhelming welcomed by lecturers and students.

The class was the special guests of a Level 5 Event Management class who, as part of their assessment, arranged a Powhiri and kiwi luncheon. The students were able to gain understanding of the concept of Manaakitanga, which loosely translated means hospitality and welcome.

The term has featured a cross section of topics related to tourism and hospitality as well as guest speakers and field trips around the region. One of the learning outcomes of a Term 1 paper relates to sustainability and we arranged a day trip to Glenorchy (an area of outstanding natural beauty in the New Zealand alps) to see how businesses are ensuring that they are working towards a sustainable future. This was followed by a trip to the Sherwood Hotel in Queenstown to further understand social sustainability and the concept of creating a village feel for both local and tourist.

Research is techniques is also a focus heading into Term 2 as the students begin to prepare for their internship and major research project. QRC works closely with the local tourism industry and feedback tells us Queenstown companies are very excited about the research capacity within this group of students.

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Graduate Profile: Sarah and Craig, Engaged Media

Graduate Profile: Sarah and Craig, Engaged Media

Social media superstars and QRC Graduates, Sarah Dartnall and Craig Campbell, have built the second most influential brand on Instagram promoting New Zealand. Now the dynamic duo have started their own business, Engaged Media, and are helping restaurants, tourism operators and the like, take their social media to the next level.

We asked Craig and Sarah a few questions to find out more about about their exciting new venture! 

Tell us a little about Engaged Media?

Engaged Media are a social and digital media marketing company. We work closely with businesses to enhance their social media presence and focus on improving brand awareness. We utilise our knowledge and experience gained from growing our own Instagram audience to truly impact a business's top line. Our passion for photography plays a big part in our day to day operations, creating photo and video content for our clients.


What do you love about your new role? 

The opportunities for travel have to be the best part. We have adventured to some incredible New Zealand sceneries capturing the best images we can. There is something about doing what you love but it being profitable work at the same time. Being your own boss is also a perk.


How does your Diploma help you in your current role?

The series of events that have occurred in the past few years, which have been a direct result of studying at QRC, have brought us to where we are today. We do believe that if we hadn't made the choice to move to Queenstown, and follow roles in hotels around New Zealand and Australia, we wouldn't have been influenced by people and places to do something fulfilling. A big advantage gained from our time at QRC is our confidence and networking skills. 


Advice for students starting out?

A bit cheesy but, put yourself well out of your comfort zone, every day. We have learnt to thrive off the uncertainty that comes with starting a business, instead of falling back into a secure routine. The value of relationships with people is real, and will effect everything you try to do. Lastly, travel and explore. Those moments seem to be the ones where the best opportunities present themselves.

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