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Fri, 2nd Feb 2018

Diploma Courses Receive Government Funding, Domestic Fees Subsidised

It was announced in February that the two diploma programmes will receive government funding and confirmed that students will continue to have access to interest-free loans and allowances through Study Link.

QRC tuition fees for domestic students will now be $12,500 per year including course-related costs. Students are eligible to borrow the whole amount through Study Link.

QRC management are delighted with this outcome after several months of discussion with TEC and applaud the recognition that TEC have afforded our two programmes.

In sharing the news with our local Queenstown tourism industry Carlos Braddock, General Manager of the Novotel Gardens Queenstown, commented that "this positive signal from government was both exciting and encouraging for the New Zealand and Queenstown tourism industries and the projected staff shortages and skills issues that we face in the immediate future."

  • Posted By: QRC on Tue, 27th Feb 2007 @ 00:00:00