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Fri, 2nd Feb 2018

Olympic Games for QRC student

QRC Adventure Tourism Management Student, Makoto Bruderer secured her internship with yacht company Sail NZ in Auckland and, through them, has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to sail abroad Endeavour all the way to the Beijing Olympics.

Here, she writes of her adventures in her own words:

"Hi All,

I have now been in Japan for a week.

We sailed out of Auckland, passing the Pacific Islands to Japan in June which took us about a month. Luckily we had very good weather, so no storms, but light winds. It was a very nice trip, we had a stopover in Vanuatu, Pohnpei (Micronesia) and Guam.

From Japan we went to Gingdao for the Olympic Games. We arrived in China in early August and spent the whole Olympics there. Our yacht Endeavour was a VIP boat and we went out daily to see the regattas. It was amazing to be so close to the Games and to be even part of it. During the evenings we usually had some athletes or coaches coming over to our boat and have some drinks - we were amazed to hang out with the athletes and to hear that we were special to them as Endeavour is one of the most prestigious yachts with a long history (America's Cup in 1934). Most of the sailors knew Endeavour from before and we took some of them out sailing.

My position on the boat is Stewardess. During deliveries, everybody is working on deck. We have shifts of usually 3 hours when we sail and drive the boat. As we are 3 watch teams, we rotate and every 6 hours have a watch of 3 hours.

The sail back from China to Japan was very rough. We had winds up to 50 knots and big waves and lots and lots of rain. For five days we were just wet, the waves hit us sometimes while steering.

I got this job in Auckland through a friend of mine who told the captain about me. Actually I first turned the offer down, because I wanted to come back to QRC. But when they told me about the schedule and the Olympic Games I changed my mind. Being included in the Olympic Games was, and is, very unique and a great experience.

I have now been offered a fulltime position on the boat and I think I will stay till next June and then come back to QRC to finish my studies. As per plan the boat is going back to NZ, then Florida, the US and then to Portugal. Sounds wicked to me"!

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