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January 2017

Student Profile: David & Tameka

Student Profile: David & Tameka - Jan 2017 Student Council

Introducing your Student Council Presidents for January 2017, David Stuart & Tameka Gallon 

We asked these Hospitality Management students a few questions to get to know them a little bit better.

Where is your hometown?

David - I'm from Auckland's North Shore, all stereotypes included.

Tameka - Hokitika (West Coast, South Island)

Why did you choose to come to QRC?

David - After 2 years in the University of Auckland, I found that I enjoyed my part-time work in a bar interacting with others more than my study of English and History; so I looked for another option. QRC was that option and the rest is, much like my previous studies, history!

Tameka - After attending Career Week during high school, I decided to come to QRC. Many aspects of the college helped me make my decision including the class sizes, the location, the subjects, the lifestyle and the opportunities I could gain from attending QRC (9 month internship and gateway to ICMS in Manly, Sydney).

Where did you complete your internship?

David - I was fortunate enough to work in F&B at Blanket Bay Luxury Lodge, out in the bustling metropolis (300 people) of Glenorchy.

Tameka - I was fortunate to complete my internship at One & Only Hayman Island, located in The Whitsundays, Australia. I worked as a Guest Service Agent & also did babysitting for the Kids Only Department during my spare time.

What do you hope to achieve as Student Council President?

David - Tameka and I are keen to get the council to take a more active role in organising events and quality-of-life changes for students. Cross term interaction is the ultimate goal; we're all in this together after all. 

Tameka - David and I have already come up with numerous ideas in which we wish to implement throughout the term. Personally I would like to see all the terms mingle & get to know one another more.

  • Posted By: Rachel on Fri, 27th Jan 2017 @ 10:54:52