Working while you Study

As an international student you are able to work for up to 20 hours per week during academic terms.

Internships are an essential part of your training and an integral component of both diplomas. As such students are able to work full time at full pay during these periods. QRC will assist you in obtaining a variation of conditions to your current visa prior to the internship period.

Hospitality Management students are required to complete 1000 hours over 9 months however this may be completed within 6 months

Adventure Tourism students are required to complete a minimum of 900 hours over 6 months however this can be extended to 9 months.

While working in NZ students can expect to earn an average of NZ$15 per hour while employed within the industry. As such students have the following earning potential over the duration of the programme.

Term Weeks Hours of work Pay rate per hour* Total (NZ$)
1 & 2 24 20 $15 $7,200
3 & 4   1000 $15 $15,000
5 & 6 24 20 $15 $7,200
Total       $29,400


Term Weeks Hours of Work Pay rate per hour* Total (NZ$)
1 & 2 24 20 $15 $7,200
3 & 4   900 $15 $13,500
5 & 6 24 20 $15 $7,200
Total       $27,900


Employment after graduation

Both diplomas offered at QRC are accredited as Level 5 qualifications by NZQA.

As such upon graduation students are eligible to apply for a 12 month Graduate job search work visa/permit.

NOTE: To date 100% of all QRC graduates who have applied for a Graduate job search work visa/permit have been successful

Alternatively if they have an offer of employment they can apply for a 2 year Work Visa

*Pay rate can vary between employers