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Emma Hanson (NZ), Marketing Manager, ZORB Rotorua

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

I chose QRC for the hands on experience that the college has to offer and the environment in which the college is based in. The life experience that is gained here is not offered anywhere else in NZ.

I really loved the lifestyle while living in Queenstown. There isn’t a huge amount of students in and around Queenstown so being at QRC is unique. People in the street recognise you out and about which makes everything a lot more personal and makes you appreciate being there and living that lifestyle all the more.

One of the greatest benefits of QRC is the small classes offer a more personal relationship with the lecturers creating closer bonds and a much more rewarding learning environment. Due to the classes being small you are also able to make lifelong friends that enjoy all of the same things as you. You are able to benefit much more from more hands on experiences that would not be possible in bigger universities.

I stayed in Queenstown for a while once I graduated as I wasn't ready to give up the winter lifestyle. I worked nights so I was able to Snowboard all day. I then packed up and moved to the big smoke to work at Auckland Adventure Jet as one of their Adventure Co-ordinators. I looked after the bookings as well as safety briefings, photos and general customer service duties. I was there for almost a year before being snapped up by ZORB Ltd. I am now the sales and marketing manager for ZORB Rotorua, based in Auckland, but travel down to Rotorua regularly.

My current job with Zorb came out of the blue. I received a phone call from them offering me a position, I hadn't applied, but I had come recommended from QRC. Employers see that you studied at QRC and automatically acknowledge you as a great employee. Not only is the recognition great but the knowledge you gain whilst at QRC about the industry is unique. Nowhere else in NZ will teach you the skills you will learn at the resort college.

Words of wisdom? I say stay true to yourself, Work hard but don't forget to enjoy yourself as well. It is hard work but is well worth it in the end. Take advantage of all of the tourism knowledge that oozes out of QRC because you are never going to find so many inspirational and knowledgeable people in one place. Grab every opportunity that comes at you because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, during my time at QRC we lost someone very special, Simon Davidson, so live life to its fullest and you will never have any regrets.

I can honestly say that my time at QRC was an amazing and unique experience that will never be forgotten.

Jageet (Jags) Singh, Business Development Manager, Nomad Safaris, Queenstown

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

I chose QRC because it is located in Queenstown the Adventure Tourism Mecca of the world. I also chose QRC because of their extensive Industry contacts. They are well known and respected throughout the Tourism Industry.

Students don’t need to worry about fitting in because Queenstown is such an international town with people coming from all over the world.

With 4 seasons there are so many things to do

During my 6 month internship I worked at Ziptrek Eco tours here in Queenstown as a flying fox guide. When I returned to my final year I was also able to continue working on a part time basis while I finished my studies.

Keen to get into a management role I took up my current position as Business Development Manager and 4 Wheel Drive Guide for Nomad Safaris, Queenstown.

Everything I have learnt at QRC has been put into practice in my current role including basic computer skills through to sales and marketing

The staff are brilliant because they are industry professionals and have extensive experience within the industry

If you are considering QRC don't think twice just drop everything and come! There are so many opportunities in hospitality and adventure tourism industry and QRC can open up so many doors for your future career

Guido Glusman (Argentina), Customer Services/Guide, Kiwi Discovery, Queenstown, NZ

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

After I graduated I decided to come back to the company I did my internship with for another summer season. I am now Trip Leader taking the responsibility for all the aspects of the trip. The logistics of the trip, making all the risk management calls and making sure we deliver a great product. Now during the winter season 2010 I am working on Kiwi Discovery arranging the transports up the ski fields and selling all the adventure products in town. It’s a good opportunity to check out the ins and outs of the face to face duties with the customers every day. After the winter I am planning to start chasing the summers again.

Jenifer Bye, Event Co-ordinator, Couran Cove Island Resort, (Gold Coast) Australia

Hospitality Graduate

Hospitality Graduate

QRC helped me improve my customer service skills, F&B skills and being confident in myself. QRC also helped with starting my career, with inspiring lecturers and internship opportunities. When you get into the work place - people say "you don't need qualifications for hospitality", this is 100% incorrect. Without my Diploma from QRC, I would not have learnt about Sales and Marketing, Events, Management roles and accounting. If I did not learn those - I would not be on the career path I am on now.

I have now been an Event Coordinator for 3 months and I have got four school groups, one inbound group, 10 Conferences, 11 weddings and two Christmas parties – let’s just say, I was thrown in the deep end. The role of Event Coordinator involves organising the events, liaising back and forth with organisers, meetings, administration, contracts, accounting, sales, negotiations, communicating with all levels of staff and event orders (agenda). I have learnt so much and so quickly.

Jehan Driver (India) Owner Operator, Quest Adventures, Mumbai, India

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

Adventure Tourism Management Graduate

Where else to study Adventure Tourism than the Adventure Tourism Capital of the World!, Destination Queenstown had kept me inquisitive for a very long time with its super strong branding I would read about Queenstown in local newspapers in Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore wherever I traveled. Then I heard about QRC's course, it was BANG on what I wanted to learn about! To get a diploma in Adventure Tourism Management from the town that has over 200 adventure tourism operators gives you a bag-load of insight into the industry.

I now run my own adventure travel & sport co. in India with a really nice team. The diploma has helped me learn and create a foolproof (well almost ;-) business plan and given me the required skills (and brushed up some rusty old ones) to create, run and manage Quest Adventures Asia.

Bevan Saywell, Duty Manager White Swan Hotel, Greytown, NZ

Hospitality Management Graduate

Hospitality Management Graduate

After a school presentation a friend and I came along to the career week and decided it would be a great place to learn.

I chose Hospitality Management as I wanted to get into event management and learn all about the business aspects of hotel operations.

I went to Melbourne for my 9 month internship and worked at The Grand Hyatt in the Banquet Department as a Food and Beverage Attendant and helped set up weddings and big functions.

Since graduating I have worked at Tongariro Lodge over the summer in the Restaurant which was a great place and I then moved back to Greytown and secured a job at The White Swan Hotel as the Duty manager. So basically I am in charge of the day to day running of the Hotel when the manager is not there to ensure consistency and great service.

If you are considering enrolling at QRC and are looking at a career in the Hospitality Industry I recommend that you work hard to get to the top because it will not always just be handed to you and it gives you more benefit to be able to have knowledge in every sector of the industry.

The QRC diploma has given me a great advantage and has definitely helped secure my current job as Duty Manager.