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Emma Collins (NZ)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

I chose QRC because it is the only college in New Zealand to offer a Diploma in Adventure Tourism Management.

There is always something to do when studying in Queenstown and it is the perfect place to be studying adventure tourism as it is the "Adventure Capital of the World". QRC gives you the opportunity to get in the outdoors and try out the tourism activities Queenstown has to offer.

All teachers at QRC are friendly, professional and very helpful. They are always there to help you that if you need and are very approachable.

My favourite subject at QRC was the familisation paper. This is because we got the opportunity to go out into the industry and try out many of the activities that Queenstown has to offer. We also saw how different companies run their product and market it. It is a great opportunity to get your name out in the industry.

QRC is a great college to kick start your career in either Hospitality or Adventure Tourism. It is professional and well known nationally and internationally. It is a nice place to study with small class sizes and many friendly people, you make friends for life at QRC.

Sina-Marie Schaal (Germany)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

Doing the Level 2 and Level 3 course in Wanaka made me realise how much I actually love the outdoors and that I want them to be a big part of my future. After participating in the careers week and meeting lots of other interesting people I knew that this is the right place to be. What convinced me mostly was the family-like atmosphere with the small classes at the college and the internship in term 5 and 6 where you can get industry training from industry experts.

Queenstown is the Adventure capital of the world so you get to know and experience the industry from the inside out by being part of it from the first day. By going on different familiarisation visits you have many opportunities to make contacts and find out what jobs will suit you. This means that compared to studying for a degree at a university where you might sit in an overcrowded lecture and mainly learn theoretical things you will know what it is actually all about by having an on hands experience. Because Queenstown is such a culturally diverse place it is easy to make contacts and friends and meet many different people from all over the world. There are also so many different things to do, from skiing to hiking and mountain biking or just enjoying the scenery - it is almost impossible to get bored.

All teachers at QRC are industry professionals so they really know what they are talking about. Because the classes are so small you get to know them and will be treated like a young professional while still getting lots of support.

If you want to get a great start into an exciting and growing industry with international career opportunities, want to make great friends and study in an amazing and personal environment with experiences you would not get at a normal university then you will be the perfect person to be a proud student of QRC.

Jessica Irwin (NZ)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

I chose QRC because I wanted to get into the hospitality industry and thought it sounded like a good opportunity as it is located in the most popular tourism place in New Zealand. It also appealed to me as part of the course included the internship which I thought would be a good experience and a good way to meet new people.

The benefits are living in the adventure capital of New Zealand where there is so much to do, meeting new people and cultures and basically just having fun at the same time as getting an education.

The teachers at QRC are all friendly and helpful with your studies and they are very passionate about what they teach so that helps.

My favourite subject is Rooms Division, as it has helped me understand and experience the different departments and systems used in a hotel. Also because I want to get into Front Office so it has given me an opportunity to experience what it is like.

If you are considering QRC I say go for it. It has been the best thing I could have done and it is an amazing opportunity and a great place to live!

Wendy Vo (Vietnam)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

I choose QRC because they provide students with a lot of practical experience and I think that is very important for the hospitality industry. Moreover, QRC students also get to go on a 9 month fully paid internship. This is very good as it helps build our own professional network and get lots of Industry contacts. I think it is the best way to get ahead in the Hospitality Industry.

Another good thing is that after graduating I get a NZ Diploma and an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management from ICMS – Australia in association with Cesar Ritz – Switzerland and if I want I can go to Australia or Switzerland to finish my degree or I can even stay in NZ.

One more thing that I like is QRC’s professional uniform. It makes me comfortable and more confident: D

Benefits of living in Queenstown include the fact that you can work part-time because QRC has quite a lot of contacts with employers. They also have their own catering company, QRC Catering and that also brings more job opportunities. Most of the employers are within walking distance of the College and my accommodation.

QRC teachers are very friendly, helpful and warm hearted. They also offer free student support three times a week. You can get help with assignments and homework. They also give you some tips about studying with Kiwi students.

If you are thinking about QRC I would say come to study and enjoy this beautiful country. You will get an internationally recognised qualification, to work 9 months in a fully paid job and meet some amazing people.

John Brady (NZ)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

I found out about QRC a bit by chance when I was on a chairlift on Coronet Peak, I saw a small advertisement telling me I could learn about adventure tourism and from then on I was hooked. I finally chose QRC mainly because of where it is located, in the adventure capital of the world! Also, the chance to go on an internship during terms 3 and 4 is something that attracted me also. I saw it as a great chance to get first hand, practical industry training, while getting paid at the same time, what could be better. Since coming to QRC, all of my expectations of what I had wanted it to be have been greatly met and I am so happy in deciding to join.

One of the many benefits of studying in Queenstown is that you are immersed in the industry from your first day here. Everywhere you look you are seeing tourism in some form, whether it be the bungy at the top of the gondola, or the Para gliders fling high in the sky. Also, the familiarisation (famil) trips we go on give a great insight into how businesses are run, and living in a place like Queenstown allows us access to a wide variety of different companies such as Shotover Jet, AJ Hacket and Canyon Swing.

The teachers at QRC are great, unlike at school where the teachers would tell you what to do and treat you like children, the teachers at QRC treat you like an adult and you get to have a real relationship with them. This makes it easier to ask them questions and you enjoy the classes a lot more.

If someone was thinking about studying at QRC I would ask them if they wanted to learn in a fun environment, meet heaps of new people and gain a great education in one of the most spectacular places. If they answered yes to those questions then they would definitely fit in at QRC. You do need to be a people person, because that is what the tourism industry is all about, however the great thing about that, is that everyone else on the course will be a “people person” too, so you will be able to make great friends really easily.

Yatish Koli (India)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

The reason I choose QRC is, there a good opportunities available here as we get a first hand industry experience for the training, we get a chance to meet managers and CEO's of many properties as they come to give a lecture and we do get more knowledge directly. Teachers also take us to site visit of the properties during our term and the way of teaching is also professional.

Living and studying in Queenstown is the best part of QRC, the resort town, the adventure capital surrounded by snow fields and many more things to experience. We get a chance to see the tourists from all over the world.

Teachers here are quite friendly, helpful, professional and they give chance to everyone to raise there opinion. Rooms Division as it basically explains how the hotel runs.

Shannon Higgs (NZ)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

I chose QRC because it seemed like the best deal, a worldwide recognized qualification and a great atmosphere to study in which also falls right into the adventure tourism industry.

One thing I love about Queenstown is how every morning when I wake up I get to see the snow caps on remarks outside my bedroom window and hear the noise of helicopters/planes taking off on the morning flights…its just paradise

I think life as a QRC student is privileged. We are looked upon very highly throughout the town and have a lot of pride under our name.

Thonthep (Earf) Tuanwachat (Thailand)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

I chose QRC because it’s not just a normal college, we get to practice while studying which gives student a taste and more experience of what is going to happen when you actually work in hospitality industry

I think one of the benefits of studying in Queenstown is that it is a good environment, people here are much nicer for some reason and Queenstown is well known internationally, therefore it is a better place to study hospitality. You also get to meet and connect with lots of different kinds of people

The teachers have lots of industry experience in their specific field which is great because they have in depth knowledge. For instance our Accounting teacher is a fully qualified accountant and our Food Production teacher still is a chef working in local hotels.

My favourite subject is Food Production because I love to cook and try some different ideas to create new dishes. I think cooking is fun and I feel really proud when people like the dish that I've created.

If you are interested about studying on Hospitality Management and willing to work hard to be professional and achieve your goal, then QRC is the best place for you

Morgan Ridall-Jones (NZ)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Managent

I chose QRC because of it’s uniqueness.  There is nowhere else I can do a course on adventure tourism management in the adventure capital of the world.

Queenstown is one of, if not the most beautiful place in the world.  You can travel 15 minutes in any one direction, and be in the middle of nowhere having your own little adventure.

Right now I am studying the industry I love and living in the city I Love.

Emma Hanson (NZ)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

I chose QRC for the hands on experience that the college has to offer and the environment in which the college is based in. The life experience that is gained here is not offered anywhere else in nz.

The small classes offer a more personal relationship with the lectures creating closer bonds and a much more rewarding learning environment. Due to the classes being small you are also able to make lifelong friends that enjoy all of the same things as you. You are able to benefit much more from more hands on experiences that would not be possible in bigger University’s.

I think that the best thing about living in Queenstown is the lifestyle. There isn’t a huge amount of students in and around Queenstown so being at QRC is unique. People in the street recognise you out and about which makes everything a lot more personal and makes you appreciate the being there and living that lifestyle that much more.

Studying at QRC and living in Queenstown is an amazing and unique experience that will never be forgotten.

Jagjeet (Jags) Singh (India)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

I Chose QRC to learn from the Industry professionals and because it is based in the Adventure hub of the world and Lake Wakatipu and TSS EARNSLAW.

The thing I enjoy the most about living in Queenstown is that it is the Adventure Capital of the World, with a global population with people from all walks of life. Feels like home away from home. Best place to study Adventure tourism and get first hand practical experience from industry professionals.

QRC employs industry professionals and has a professional approach to students

When the mystic mountains called I dropped everything and came Down-Under!!! Professional Satisfied Industry Oriented Lifestyle.

Ashley Macintosh (NZ)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

I chose QRC because it is the tourism capital of New Zealand, an awesome place to live.  

You get to live and learn in the tourism industry and there are lots of different activities to go and do in your spare time.

Life at QRC is busy but there is plenty of time for lots of socializing!

Carmen Morao (Venezuela)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

I chose QRC because it is the most recognized college in the tourism industry.

Studying at QRC is busy, fun and also entertaining.  It is exactly what I was looking for in a college.

I love Queenstown because I get a good balance between studying at the College and enjoying the wonderful, peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.

Anthony Metcalfe (NZ)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

The exciting pulse that runs through Queenstown makes studying here such an amazing experience!

Meeting new people and getting involved with local event makes you feel apart of the community and like

a real local!

I wanted to be part of a college where all my lecturers new my name, where we are offered exciting opportunity’s. Somewhere that has great facilities and an outstanding reputation.

Studying at QRC has been an exciting and life changing experience. I have made great friends and learnt so much about not only Hospitality but myself.

Kimberly Reichle (Canada)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

The thing I love the most about living and learning in an amazing environment, surrounded by tourism operators and opportunities.  It is great being in a city that is so heavily dependent on tourism, and seeing how everyone and everything co-exists.

Life as a QRC student is fast paced, with a new adventure waiting every day.

I chose QRC because I felt like it was a great opportunity, focusing on something I already knew I loved to do, and would help me grow and open me up to an amazing future

Lorran Granero (Brazil)

Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management

 I was trying to find a place to improve my English and at the same time have fun. At QRC we have been doing outdoor adventure sports as a part of my programme and it is wonderful.  Three weeks ago I jumped off a cliff at Canyon Swing and tomorrow morning me and my class mates have Sky Dive.  Wowww I can’t wait…….

Queenstown is amazing. First of all the town is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been.  The place is surrounded by mountains, nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Secondly it is a small place that has a lot going on, great food, lots of activities and great people.

Studying at QRC has been a challenge for me. English is my third language so I have to spend a lot of time after class studying. I made friends from all over the world (Sweden, India, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Germany), and they have helped me a lot.  They are my family here

Ruth Toka (Fiji)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

I enjoy meeting new people and blending in with the Queenstown life style. We get opportunities to work in hotels which I do not do back in Fiji.

I chose QRC because it gives us the opportunity to go around the world and builds our self confidence. It is a college that helps broaden our knowledge and the certificates we obtain is internationally recognized.

Gretchen Zhou (China)

Diploma of Hospitality Management

The main reason I chose QRC is that Queenstown is a resort town which has many tourist and is really beautiful. Being a resort is really important for studying hospitality management. I had heard QRC is really famous before I came here. After I visited QRC when I was studying in a language school I found I didn’t choose the wrong place because there are many nice people in QRC. That is another reason why I decided to come to QRC.

One of the good things about Queenstown is that people visit from all over the world and this means I can meet many and work with people from NZ and other cultures.

I would like to say as a QRC student is a really good college because we have many good teachers with current industry experience. Also there are many good students in my term making it easy to make friends. All the subjects are very interesting and QRC gives me many chances to practice the subject that we are studying by mixing management theory with practical classes in real hotels.